“I am a 39 year old mom of 3.

I started my journey at whooping 108kgs  which was accumulated between 2004 when I had my 1st child and 2013 when I had my third and last born son. I have been like this my entire adulthood and as a result there were a lot of limitations in my physical activities.

Throughout the years I tried many different diet programs but nothing seemed to work.  That is, until a friend of mine Mpfumi Matshavhange introduced the TLC program to me.  She was already a week or 2 into the programme. I was so sceptical and had given up hope.  But then I let my guard down and decided to try it out.

It was a beautiful and challenging journey at the same time.  Luckily I had a strong support system, My coach Tish who was always there for me in times of need (day and night), held my hand until the very end.

I kept losing and losing weight and then October 2020 COVID happened.  For me the road to recovery was a walk in the park, I hardly presented COVID symptoms and my doctor was shocked that was even able to speak when she delivered the news that I tested positive for COVID 19. I strongly believe it was due the strong immune system that was built through the TLC-Program that I survived.  Not only does one lose weight with the program, but  one also gains a strong immune system to fight deadly diseases and viruses.

I lost 37kgs in total and have completed my program and I am now in the maintenance phase. I feel and look amazing, all thanks to my coach Tish, friends and family and my support group Lerato, Mpfumi and Mashudu, I wouldn’t have done this without their support

Give the TLC-Program a try to drastically transform your lifestyle”

Portia (March 2021)