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Are you…

  • Overweight/Obese?
  • Stressed?

  • Always unwell?

  • Always dieting…fad diets?

  • Tired of failing…tried (and failed) all diets before?

    TLC can and will help you change your life!
    Early Benefits in Days…Real Results in Weeks!

Overweight…Obesity…Diabetes…High Blood Pressure…IBS…CVD…Indigestion…Infertility…Rejuvenation…Quality Sleep…Stress…

High Cholesterol…Metabolic Syndrome…Insulin Resistance…Virility…Anti-ageing…Skin Conditions…OVER 350 Proven Benefits!

Let simple but Smart Food become your Best Medicine!

We offer personalised, balanced eating plans and wellbeing prescriptions…we call it SNL…Smart Nutrition and Lifestyle!

This balanced eating triggers more balanced Metabolic Processess in the body resulting amazing, real benefits and results in days and weeks.

Find your Ideal Weight with our Weight Calculator

So if you want to reach a healthy weight and improve your wellbeing contact us today!

Client Success Stories

Now I am confident and energised again

Now I am confident and energised again

"In 2007, I received a diagnosis that would significantly impact my life: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).  This condition, marked by an irregular production of androgens in the ovaries, posed considerable challenges for me, especially concerning conception. After...

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My TLC Joyride

My TLC Joyride

"I have always been a big girl, food was my go to.  When I’m happy I eat, when I’m sad, I eat. Eventually I turned into an obese adult.  When Covid hit, being at home in lock down, all we had to do was eat.  Trying new recipes, I reached 129.9kg the heaviest I’ve ever...

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TLC transformed my entire outlook on life

TLC transformed my entire outlook on life

I am beyond thrilled to share my incredible weight loss journey, and I owe it all to the life-changing diet program that became my guiding light. In just a few months, I shed a remarkable 26kg, 144cm and 32% Body Fat.  Let me tell you, it has transformed my life in...

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