Rated the World’s best diet regime…recommended by Doctors & Specialists Worldwide!


Are you…

  • Overweight/Obese?
  • Stressed?

  • Always unwell?

  • Always dieting…fad diets?

  • Tired of failing…tried (and failed) all diets before?

    TLC can and will help you change your life!
    Early Benefits in Days…Real Results in Weeks!

Overweight…Obesity…Diabetes…High Blood Pressure…IBS…CVD…Indigestion…Infertility…Rejuvenation…Quality Sleep…Stress…

High Cholesterol…Metabolic Syndrome…Insulin Resistance…Virility…Anti-ageing…Skin Conditions…OVER 350 Proven Benefits!

Let simple but Smart Food become your Best Medicine!

We offer personalised, balanced eating plans and wellbeing prescriptions…we call it SNL…Smart Nutrition and Lifestyle!

This balanced eating triggers more balanced Metabolic Processess in the body resulting amazing, real benefits and results in days and weeks.

Find your Ideal Weight with our Weight Calculator

So if you want to reach a healthy weight and improve your wellbeing contact us today!

Client Success Stories

My journey was amazing

The start of this TLC journey was one out of pure desperation. This was my all-or-nothing re-start. And what a journey it has been. Even though there was an ultimate end-goal in mind, I took every day just one meal at a time. And the more the results started showing,...

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Another Cape Town Client reaches her goal

Well done and congratulations to Selvarani from Constantia Cape Town for reaching her goal this month! Total Fatloss:  15.1kgHip loss:  15cmWaist loss:  12cm If you would like us to send you information on the TLC-Program please fill in our online enquiry form: ...

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Thanks to TLC this mommy is healthy!

Thanks to TLC, this Mommy of 4 is healthy, fit and full of the joys of life! I never dreamed that after all my pregnancies I would fit into my honeymoon clothes again! TLC made the impossible, possible again and with the excess weight gone, I am not not suffering from...

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