Who are we?

We are the very Best Experts to Get you Slim, Get you Healthy…
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TLC provides personalised TLC-Programs!

  • TLC-Programs for rapid, safe fat-loss!
  • No Pills, Potions or Shakes, just healthy (smart) Food!
  • Low Carb, Medium Protein and only healthy Fats!
  • TLC-Programs that significantly improve health and wellbeing!
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  • With over 36 years of experience and proven excellent results!
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How do we help you?

  • We provide you with excellent Lifestyle based Fat-loss and Wellbeing programs based on your unique profile!
  • We support and guide you with our online support network or, where applicable, face to face Clinics!
  • We support and motivate and reward you with our newsletters, social media sites and blogs!
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