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Earn great returns with what many leading doctors call: 

“the best, safest and most effective diet regime in the world…TL©-Programs!” 

TL©-Programs treat many Celebrities and Royalty and have done so since 1987…over 31 years of success in over 100 countries!

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 You can be a part of this great Business.

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  • Do it full-time or part-time?
  • Start a new career?
  • Simply earn some extra income?
  • Do simple online referrals and sign-ups for a commission?
  • Add this to an existing business for more income and rewards?
  • Run a full-time business that requires your full commitment to do full Client Care and Service…with excellent rewards?

Each of our 3 Opportunities has its own unique requirements and rewards!

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TLC-Sales Associate

Become a TLC-Sales Associate: The simplest and easiest very rewarding Opportunity:

Simple, part-time, for extra income of US$ 5 000+ (convert to your own local currency)per month, simply earning a commission per Client who signs up online. 

Keep a list of the clients you have referred to our website to purchase an online program and send it once a month to

No Client Care Service and Care is required from you as this is done directly by our TLC-Online Clinics


Become a TLC-Ambassador: A more advanced and even more rewarding Opportunity:

A small business, or add to an existing business as another income-earning service/product, do it full-time/part-time, access to premises required, for extra income of US$ 10 000+ (convert to your own local currency) per month, and requires you do provide full face-face Client Care and Service).

To find out all the details about being a TLC-Ambassador and to request an application form email

TLC-Clinic Director

Own a full TLC-Wellbeing Clinic and be a TLC-Clinic Director:

A full, highly-rewarding business Opportunity:
A full business for serious business applicants, full-time, dedicated premisesrequired, for income of US$ 50 000+(convert to your own local currency) per month, with amazing support tools and systems provided to support your full and excellent face-face Client Care and Service).Plus… have potential opportunities for business expansion world-wide!

To find out all the details about being a TLC-Wellbeing Clinic Director/Owner and to request an application form email

Did you know that you can also sign up to become a TLC-Vitamin Agent:


TLC-Ambassador Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Purchase for TLC-Ambassadors and Retailers