TLC-International and its appointed representatives hereby stipulate the following Terms and Conditions for TLC-Clinic Owners.  In doing so, all parties agree that:


  1. A TLC-Clinic Owner is not an employee of TLC-International, but an independent business/self-employed individual.
  2. A TLC-Clinic Owner agrees to comply fully, at all times, to all Terms and Conditions including TLC-Program and Online Shop Terms and Conditions as indicated on TLC-International’s Websites.
  3. A TLC-Clinic Owner agrees to comply to all processes and procedures, image and conduct requirements, as indicated in the Clinic Owner Conduct Statement.
  4. A TLC-Clinic Owner agrees to have a clear understanding of the TLC Program and sell/market/promote TLC-Programs, process Client signing-up for treatment (as specified) and provide specified personalised (face-face) Client care and service processes.
  5. TLC-International is indemnified against any 3rd Party claims for any of negligent acts, defaults or misrepresentations by TLC-Clinic Owner and/or, any appointed Staff.
  6. TLC-International shall, at any time and in any event, be reasonable and fair but, also reserves the right to register/de-register a TLC-Clinic Owner, should any non-compliance occur.
  7. The Terms and Conditions are governed by the Laws of the Republic of South Africa, but final jurisdiction shall always, in all events and instances, be at TLC-International’s final discretion.