How does the TLC-Program Work?

Divided into 5 easy Phases the TLC-Program is the first step to changing your lifestyle and learning to live the rest of your life without the stress of dieting. Once the last Phase is complete you will be on your way to living a healthy life by making the correct food choices.

How long will I have to be on my TLC-Program?

That depends on a number of factors. For example: Your Blood Profile, your age, your sex, the amount of weight you have to lose etc. The average time spent on the TLC-Program is between 2 and 4 months with an average weight-loss of 7-15 kg (15 to 35lbs) per month (although there are frequent cases of TLC-Clients losing much faster than this, particularly males and people who are very overweight!).

Must I exercise while on the TLC-Program?

No, if you do not exercise now, don’t start (especially if you are very overweight)! You can start when you are healthier, but always in moderation! If you do exercise at present, we recommend you continue, but in moderation (Listen to your body, if it hurts or burns, or your appetite increases dramatically, you are doing too much exercise!)

What are the 5 Phases of the TLC-Program?

Phase 1: Getting the Mind and Body Ready with the TLC-SDP (Starter Detox Plan) 
This important Phase of the plan is the shortest Phase and helps both your mind and body to fully prepare for the journey to your greater wellbeing. Detoxification is necessary and normal, a very good indicator that your TLC-Program is starting to work well

Phase 2: Your Unique TLC-Program with specific Wellbeing Prescriptions. Your TLC-Program is unique, designed specifically for you and your wellbeing.

Phase 3: Your TLC-Stabilisation Program. This phase of the TLC-Program is between 2-4 weeks long. This allows for the precise re-introduction of additional foods and a normal lifestyle and eating habits (without shocking the body). If you do not do this Phase of the Program you will reverse all the good you have achieved over the weeks/months while on Phase 2 of the Program.

Phase 4: Your TLC-Lifestyle and Wellbeing Guidelines. During this Phase you will learn how to maintain your goal weight without dieting.

Phase 5: The TLC-Life…Your Life! Enjoying … Savouring … Exploring … Fulfilling … Your Dreams – Your Mind, Body and Soul!

What makes the TLC-Program different from other diets?

The TLC-Program is much more than a diet. It is your first step to changing your lifestyle and improving your health permanently. In most cases the Clients who come to us have already tried everything! The TLC-Program is a medical treatment based on sound facts, published international medical papers and internationally accepted medical research over many years. Our philosophy and practice of using only ” The Best of the Best” ensures that our Specialist Panel and processes are always guided by the best and latest research. There are no synthetic elements in the program, everything is based on your body, its current profile and basic food to become healthy.your food becomes your medicine! A simple, inexpensive solution to a complex problem!

Where can I buy recommended TLC-Branded Supplements?

The TLC-Branded Supplements are available at some TLC-Wellbeing Clinics/Centres or alternatively equivalents are available on this website in our Online Store.

Which hormones will be affected?

Over 50 major hormones are of significance in the process that your TLC-Program will address. The major ones to be aware of are: Serotonin, Insulin, human Growth Hormone (hGH) and Somatostatin. Your TLC-Program will ensure that the levels of each of the hormones are optimized for your wellbeing.

Why are the Supplements (multi-vitamins) you recommend important?

In today’s modern way of life every adult will benefit from supplementing his or her diet with essential vitamins and trace elements. The specific multi-vitamin content recommended complements the treatment. The combination of the multi-vitamin enhances the benefits derived from the eating plan, and will make you achieve wellbeing even sooner.

Why do you exclude certain age groups (e.g. below 12 and above 65) from the treatment?

We do make some exceptions (but these are based on the particular individual’s profile). These categories do not respond well enough to the treatment because of various factors such as psycho-social-environment-profile, existing HGH levels, unsuitable blood profile etc.

Will I be able to live normally again (without constant dieting for the rest of my life)?

You may never have to diet again, if you complete all the Phases of the TLC-Program. Remember, this stage of the treatment takes place at the end of your TLC-Program where the body has achieved “balance” (you have lost the fat/weight). Phase 3 (your TLC-Stabilisation Program) is done over 2-4 weeks and is when the so-called “Bad-foods” (Foods restricted on the TLC-Program) are re-introduced back into your life without “shocking the body! You are also given healthy TLC-Lifestyle Guidelines (during Phase 4) that will prevent you from starting the cycle of the “Obesity Syndrome” again.

Are the TLC-Programs kilojoule/calorie based?

No. TLC-Programs are not kilojoule or calorie based as this is too simplistic and general for your unique needs. TLC-Programs are based on the chemical and micro-biological content of each food/food-type. They are therefore designed and calculated with your specific food types, quantities and combinations to result in the correct processes within your Endocrine system.

Are these high protein diets?

No. The TLC-Programs consist of foods from all food groups. They are balanced eating plans

Will I have to find and eat exotic foods on the TLC-Program?

There are no exotic foods, just normal foods (in specific quantities). You will have much (if not all) of the recommended foods in your pantry/kitchen.

Why are blood tests necessary?

The blood tests allow an analysis of certain aspects of your system which in turn indicates what is required to get your body back in balance. Together with your lifestyle requirements, medical history and profile, this approach therefore designs a unique diet program (one that will “trigger” your HGH profile and result in weight-loss and the other health and wellbeing benefits).

Can I give my TLC-Program to my family and friends to follow?

Your UNIQUE eating plan/treatment program will not “trigger” another person’s body into correcting its imbalance it may well cause even more imbalance and illness! Also, in some cases of “copying” we have come across people who have initially lost weight, but gained it very rapidly when going off the diet. Once again, because the treatment was not meant for them and as a result their hGH had not been “triggered”.