“I’m 39 years of age.  My TLC journey started at 127kg after the birth of my twin boys. I was heavy and could hardly do much, wasn’t active at all and really wanted to get back to being healthy and feeling great about my body.

I took a step to join TLC , the second time around (the previous time, I had lost 51kg through TLC). I was nervous of going through the same route again but I was very hopeful that all will work out.

I went into the program with a positive mind and I gave it my all. My coach was always there whenever I needed support, I never gave up.

I lost 47kgs in total with TLC and I must say I feel fantastic. My confidence is back, my love for clothes is on the highest level as I don’t struggle to get clothes.

I have the whole TLC team to thank for my success, but mostly my coach Tish, she has been my greatest supporter in this journey.

My family now has a healthier , happier and more active mom, wife, sister and a friend.

Going back to my previous is a no go area as I will continue maintaining the best way I know how….with TLC.

Anything is possible if you keep your mind to it!’

Mfumi (March 2021)