There are almost as many good reasons to lose excess weight as there are people on the planet. It is important for your success on the TLC-Program that you focus on those reasons you most identify with. When you read through all the reasons listed in the 4 parts of the article (part 4 to follow tomorrow), make sure you apply them in your own life and realise how they can help motivate you to permanently ditch those ‘Fat pants’! Read here for the next 7 reasons:

13. You will no longer crave junk food:  Did you really just say no to that Brownie!? It is true! As a result of improving your dietary choices and using your willpower consistently, you’ll find that you don’t even crave the junk any more (or at least not as often).

14. You’ll become a better cook: Getting into the habit of buying groceries every week, planning and preparing healthy meals and eating clean will force you back into getting creative on the kitchen if you want some variety and interest in your meals. Experimenting with different flavor and food combinations is bound to improve your kitchen skills.

15. You’ll become more adventurous, everywhere!: One of the best side effects of weight loss is that you’ll undoubtedly experience a boost in self-confidence. The funny thing about confidence is that it pushes you to do more and try more.

16. Food will taste better: Focussing on your diet makes you more in tune to what you’re eating over time. This mindfulness works not only to help you to lose the weight, but even after you’ve lost it you continue to pay more attention to the flavors and textures of your meals. No more mindlessly devouring nutrient-empty tasteless snacks in front of the TV! When you take the time to plan and prepare fresh, home-cooked meals you’re more aware and appreciative of the food on your plate, you literally savor the flavor.

17. You’ll be more organized: Eating smartly takes planning. When you form a routine around preparing healthy meals (instead of grabbing junk food) and fitting in some exercise or walking, it tends to flow over into other areas of your life.

18. You’ll respect yourself and others more: It takes willpower and discipline  to improve yourself and lose weight. Once you’ve gone through it yourself, you come out the other end with a whole new outlook and respect for others trying to do the same. You also have a new appreciation of what your body is capable of.

19. Easier commute: Always get out of breath walking short stretches or climbing a few stairs? Or too tired to walk to the shop or cafeteria in your lunch break? Even standing for an hour on the train or sitting in traffic isn’t fun either, but you’re body will cope so much better with all of this when you’ve shed a few extra kgs! After you’ve kicked the weight, you’ll suddenly realize your trek to and from work is a lot more comfortable.

There are almost endless reasons why you should lose weight and keep it off.. but arguably one of the most important- to live a healthier longer life! Tomorrow in the final installment of this topic, we will look at some of the ways ditching those fat pants forever can realise this goal!