A couple of coaches at TLC found themselves howling with laughter recently when they shared some fun anecdotes from their Clients over the years. We felt it would be unfair to deprive you of these stories, so under the banner of Funny Fatty Fables we will share these with you from time to time.

When you lose your pants in public:

Jane (pseudonym used to protect the lady’s dignity …LOL) was walking down the aisle at her local supermarket when she noticed a few sidelong looks and giggles aimed her way. As she was trying to figure out why.. perhaps she spilled some breakfast yoghurt on her top?… she stumbled over something. Silently cursing the person who dropped an obstacle in her way and mentally preparing the tirade she was going to aim at the store manager, she looked down… and froze! Her own pants were down around her ankles and tripping her!! Her first thought… wow I have lost so much weight!  The next thought… she was giving her fellow shoppers an eyeful! She managed to jerk the pants up and holding on tightly, escaped the store; elated at the visible result of her TLC-Program, but embarrassed at the show she provided fellow shoppers! So, ladies and gents… either remember to wear a belt or buy smaller pants, because the rapid weight loss can catch you unawares!

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