Most tips on how to improve your health are pretty straightforward: to lose weight, eat better; for more energy, get more sleep; to prevent dehydration, drink more water. Others, however, are totally counterintuitive. The following tips may seem crazy, but they really do work:

1. Drink coffee to have a better nap
In a Japanese study people who took a “coffee nap” felt more alert and performed better on computer tests than those who only took a nap. What is a coffee nap? You have to consume about 200 milligrams of caffeine (the amount in one to two cups of coffee) and then immediately taking a 20-minute rest.
Why does this work? A 20-minute nap ends just as the caffeine kicks in and clears the brain of a molecule called adenosine, maximizing alertness.

2. Use A Lime To Ease A Headache
Tired of taking pills for migraines or headaches? Try using limes for relief instead. It’s thought that the fruit’s scent relieves headaches, and the coolness from the lime could also help to reduce the pain associated with the common complaint. To naturally reduce a headache, slice the lime in half and massage the fruit over your forehead or focus on the specific area that aches.

3. For healthy teeth, don’t brush after eating
Don’t brush your teeth immediately after meals and drinks, especially if they were acidic. Wait 30 to 60 minutes before brushing. Acidic foods [citrus fruits, sports drinks, tomatoes, soda (both diet and regular)] can soften tooth enamel. Brushing your teeth at this stage can speed up acid’s effect on your enamel and erode the layer underneath.

4. Drink a hot drink to cool off
Want to cool down fast on a hot summers day? Skip the iced drink and have a hot coffee! When you sip a hot beverage, your body senses the change in temperature and increases your sweat production. Then, as the sweat evaporates from your skin, you cool off naturally.

5. Balance Hormones With Spearmint Tea
Herbal teas have many different health benefits, and spearmint tea has been found to be an effective natural treatment for hormonal problems suffered by women, including facial hair and acne. Spearmint is thought to be beneficial for the management of hormonal imbalances because of its natural anti-androgen properties.

6. Boost Your Immunity With Dirt
We are conditioned to avoid dirt. But it turns out that a bit of dirt in our lives could actually be good for our health. While it’s important to practice good hygiene, research has suggested that exposing ourselves to the friendly bacteria present in soil can help reduce signs of depression and boost your immune system. Try going on hikes or gardening regularly to improve your health.

7. Exercise to increase your energy levels
After a tiring day, exercise is probably the last thing you want to do, but getting active can actually energise you. Through exercise, we recharge tired cells by giving them more oxygen. Physical activity that builds muscle strength also improves the efficiency of the mitochondria that produce the energy in the cells.