A smoothie made with yogurt can be the perfect, refreshing summer treat!  But did you know that you can freeze it to make frozen yoghurt?

Frozen Yogurt smoothies are super creamy and healthier than adding ice cream to your smoothie.

You can definitely use whatever healthy, fresh ingredients that you like.  And there is not need to add any sweeteners.

Give this a try … its super easy!



  • Yoghurt from your allowance
  • Frozen or Fresh Strawberries from your allowance
  • Juice of an Orange or you could add chopped fresh Mango instead.
  • Crushed Ice.


  • Toss everything in the blender.
  • Add crushed ice.
  • Blend to a smooth thick consistency.
  • Add more ice if it is not thick enough.
  • Enjoy your instant frozen yoghurt!

Tip:  Make in advance and freeze.  Now that’s a delicious ‘breakfast’ on a hot summer day!