Working on that summer body?
In our last blog we chatted about getting summer ready. We looked at improving our shape, mindset and wellbeing. But let’s not forget the other important aspects of looking and feeling good! Here are some tips for Top to Toe Summer preparation:

Try a fresh new hairstyle. Also give your hair some extra TLC in preparation for summer.
The sun, seawater and chlorine can wreak havoc on your hair. So get your hair ready for the summer by giving it some extra hydration with ingredients like coconut and argan oil in your conditioner. Build up its strength with a hair treatment mask or get your hair cut to get rid of any split ends before the heat dries them out further! Try a leave-in heat spray too that’s designed to help protect your hair from sea water or the sun.

Try a new summer look! A great idea is to visit a beauty counter and test out lighter make-up for summer. A BB cream or CC cream or tinted moisturiser is a good idea for the warmer months as they offer light-to-medium coverage and are much lighter than foundations. They also shouldn’t melt off your face in the heat! It’s nice to give your skin a bit of a breather, too.

It’s time for shorts, skirts and dresses so you are going to want to bare your legs! So get them toned and smooth, and with a gorgeous glow! Exfoliate, shave or wax, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Those dry and scaly heels can not be hidden in cute sandals! For sandal-ready feet a little at-home TLC can have them revived and ready to show off in about a week. A DIY Pedi is a good start. Start by removing any hard, dead skin and moisturise. Look out for hydrating ingredients such as urea which helps reduce dry skin cells. Tip: after applying moisturizer, wear socks to bed so your feet really soak up that moisture.
Then paint your nails a bright shade that shouts summer and lifts your mood!

Strappy tops are a summer must. Are you dreading the exposure? If your upper-arms aren’t as smooth as you’d like and you feel a bit self-conscious about any rough, dry skin on your upper arms, don’t despair. Exfoliating little and often is your best route to smoother-looking skin in a hurry. Try an exfoliating body scrub in the shower; you can also do this for your legs. Many of the scrubs can help buff away dead skin cells while hydrating at the same time.

Get the Golden glow:
For some, the best thing about summer is the natural golden glow of skin and hair. But more important than getting our daily dose of Vitamin D or a healthy tan, is making sure we keep safe. Protect your skin, always!
-Sunbeds and tanning machines are not a healthy option
-Spray tan, done professionally in a salon or at home is a good start to your summer glow.
If you are trying it at home, remember that dryer areas of our skin (knees and elbows for instance) will absorb more product and are at higher risk of turning orange. Moisturize well before you apply the tanning product to reduce this effect. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Finally, get that all-over glow with these tips:

  • Moisturise everyday… this may seem like a lot if you’re not used to it, but it’ll pay off and it’ll soon just be part of your daily routine
  • Invest in a body brush… an essential for glowing skin. Do it on dry skin before you shower and brush in a circular motion for three minutes. Moisturise once you’re out of the shower.
  • Add some mild bath oil to a warm (not hot) bath twice a week to help your skin’s radiance.
  • Hydrate from within! Drink plenty of water to help your skin detox.
  • Apply a good SPF daily, as protection against sunburn and skin cancer.

And most importantly for that inner glow of health and vitality… eat correctly.
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So, come on summer, we’re ready for you!