Are you worrying and wondering how you will “survive” this Festive Season and, still be slim and healthy in the New Year and…   not undo all the good work achieved with your TLC-Program? 

While we do not recommend (at all) that you do deviate (after all, what is one Festive Season compared to the many you will have being healthier in years to come?)… the decision is yours! Here is some advice and, many helpful tips:

Your Decision… To Deviate or Not:

Deviate Totally:
To go-off your TLC-Program totally during the Festive Season to re-start in January:
This is not something we advise at all, it is difficult to re-restart again and much of the “good work” will be undone!  See below…

Deviate Selectively:
Only deviate at a few special events while still doing your TLC-Program in-between!
This is a better option than the above.  While it is not ideal, the tips below will assist you (not undoing everything you have achieved).

Stay on your TLC-Program:
Sacrificing one Festive Season for many more and doing your TLC-Program™ 100%!
This is what we recommend most…especially if you are near your goal weight and wellbeing targets!  See tips below…

If you “Must” deviate … here are our survival tips:

Starch Intake:
All those nice cookies/sweets!  Moderation!  Limit to once per day.  Select sweets and desserts with dark chocolate as this will reduce insulin surges.  Eat cheese cake ahead of any other cakes.
Big Bad Meals: 
If you have to!  But be very strict with your next meals (plus ensure additional water intake).  A general rule:  more than 2 handfuls = fat!  Avoid fast food as much as possible.
One of the worst insulin triggers!  Try to avoid completely.  If you must have that small glass of champagne, wine etc then always eat some cheese (at least 30g) 20 minutes before having the drink.  Insulin release will reduce by doing this.  Dry red wine is the “best” alcohol to have.
If you have to!  Select protein snacks (e.g “biltong” or beef jerky or, a treat containing cheese such as cheesecake).  Remember if you have not completed your TLC-Program™ (plus your final TLC-Stabilisation Program), the body will “overreact”…don’t overdo…everything in moderation!
Why not try some of the TLC-Recipes in your TLC-Program Book…make an extra effort to make some different delicious meals!  Be inventive…prepare…enjoy…the next Festive Season will be delightful as everyone else deprives themselves and you look and feel great while eating as you please!
Drink additional water (at least 6-8 glasses per day/as indicated with your TLC-Eating Plan and TLC-Wellbeing Prescriptions).
Dining Out:
Call the restaurant (say you are on a medical program/diet)…you will be amazed at the assistance and support you will receive!  Also select foods / types / combinations allowed on your TLC-Program.  Moderation is the key.
“Good” Friends:
If you really do not want to drink alcohol…order a diet Ginger Ale (or a soda that looks like a “drink”)…this will “fool” those very “good” friends who insist you really must have a drink (or some who really want to see you fail)!
If all else fails:
Totally “distracted” over the Festive Season?  Go back to your TLC-Program 100% in January…make it your New Year’s Resolution!  Note:  If near goal weight, do your TLC-Program 100% for at least 3-5 days and then contact your nearest TLC-Wellbeing Clinic/Centre or your Coach…to give you “TLC” and help you get back on track (to complete your TLC-Program.

Enjoy, be happy and have fun!

These “tips” are NOT the general rules of our TLC-Programs.
These are merely intended to “help you survive” over any period of excess.

 We always rather advise to just do it and get it done…

We will be taking a break for the Festive Season from the 15th December 2023 to 3rd January 2024.  To all our Clients – should you need any assistance during the Festive Season please leave a message on our Contact Us page on our website:

Or Whatsapp:  +27 82 892 9190