“I am proud to say that TLC was a lovely journey for myself.

It was the best decision I have ever made and I would say, do it sooner rather than later! I knew I could feel and look much better.

I did not feel deprived of anything while doing my TLC-Program.  In fact, I enjoyed my meals. I trusted TLC and that this program would be my “go-to” when I literally did not know how I would ever lose my unwanted weight.

I lost 27.3kg and am just starting my Phase 3.  I know I will still lose a bit more.

I feel healthy, I have lots of energy to be an active grandmother. That was my reason, I wanted to be able to run, play and dance with my grandchildren.

I also trust the TLC-Vitamins provided by TLC.

I feel even more blessed with my new transformation and I am grateful for all the support from Tish, my TLC Coach.”

Petro May 2021