Easter is just around the corner! We are all looking forward to the long weekend and the opportunity to take a well-earned break, relax and catch up with family and friends.

Unfortunately, it is also a time that tests our resolve when it comes to eating healthy! The store displays and adverts all tempt us to give in and over-indulge.

For those of us working to get healthy and well, it can be a really tough time of year.

Know the cost of indulging:

-Did you know? …it takes just five minutes to consume a 120g Easter egg, but it takes 80 minutes of strenuous exercise to burn it off! So resolving to add a walk or an exercise session after indulging freely over the the long weekend will unfortunately not be enough.

-Over-consumption of sugary foods, such as chocolate and sweets, can lead to unhealthy weight gain, which can put you at risk of chronic health problems, including some cancers.

-Breaking your commitment to your healthy TLC Plan, even if you intend to only have a few ‘cheats’ could cost you your progress and sabotage your long-term success!

Don’t let Easter break your healthy habits!

Here are four tips for how to avoid over-indulging this Easter!

Start the day right.
Make sure you are starting each day with your TLC breakfast rich in protein, fibre and energy, so you aren’t reaching for the chocolate an hour later. Think omelettes with spinach and tomatoes, or a fruit and yogurt shake. A hard-boiled egg is full of protein and can be combined with your veg for a filling start to the day.

Stock the fridge with healthy snacks.
Long weekends and public holidays can sneak up on us, and with many shops closed over Easter, we can easily reach for the chocolate or take-away meals to keep us full! Plan ahead and stock your fridge with plenty of fruit and vegetables, and try to snack on some fruit instead, or make a fresh salad to keep your diet balanced over the long weekend.

Set a limit.

Even healthy snacks must be eaten in moderation, and be discerning in your choices! Completely avoiding all chocolate over the Easter weekend is often unrealistic for most people. So indulge in the odd chocolate egg… but make it dark chocolate! The darker the chocolate, the less sugar and more antioxidants it tends to contain. Set yourself a limit of how much (dark) chocolate you will have and stick to it.

Plan some exercise but make it fun.
Yes, long weekends are for sleep-ins and relaxing, but it’s good to fit some exercise in where you can. Planning some physical activity with a friend or the family will make it more fun. Go for a walk or run with a friend or get active with the whole family by playing touch rugby, rounders or cricket in the backyard or park.

Have a wonderful, safe and healthy Easter!