What are your plans for this weekend? Sleep, eat, rest? Yes, weekends are for rest, relaxation, fun and unwinding. That is true. But weekends can also help you set yourself up for a successful Weightloss journey. Why not use  your weekend to plan ahead, with your weight-loss and healthy living goals guiding the way. Because if there’s one thing that nutrition and fitness experts agree on… planning is key to losing weight.

Make Healthy Ready Meals… 

-Make Mason Jar Salads

There’s a trend that’s not just healthy, but also do-able. Mason Jar salads are not just Instagram worthy, this genius meal prep hack allows you to engineer your weekday salads on Sunday night and not worry about them being soggy come lunch time. To get it right, put your salad dressing in the bottom and then layer your heartier veggies like onions, peppers, and cucumbers with proteins like grilled chicken.

The lettuce and lighter ingredients, like tomatoes mushrooms go on top. Eat these straight from the jar at work on Monday, or empty your salad jar into a bowl.

-Prep Your Protein

Weigh out your allowances of meat, chicken breast and even fish; grill or bake with some olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and have them on hand to create quick meals, tossed in salads, or eaten alongside the veggies you also roasted on Sunday for the week ahead.

-Boil Eggs

Make a batch of hard-boiled eggs to store in the refrigerator for the week. They’re the perfect protein-rich and satiating grab-and-go breakfast option for those mornings you’re running late, and they’re also an excellent addition to the lunch box, with your salad or roasted vegetables.

-Cut Up Your Fruits and Veggies

No need to pay extra at the grocery store for pre-cut produce. Slice up your own fruits and veggies on Sunday night. That way, you’ll have peppers on hand for a stir-fry, sliced mushrooms for your chicken dish, and diced onions for your soup.

Move it…. 

-Get your sweat on

Squeeze in a workout to boost your endorphins and start your week on a high note. You don’t need to spend hours at the gym; you can rev your metabolism with a simple home-friendly high-intensity interval workout with only your body weight and the stopwatch on your phone,

-Make Plans to HIIT it in the week!

Swap your treadmill appointments for some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts and schedule them in your calendar on Sunday.

Incorporating short bursts of intense exercise for 10 to 15 minutes helps boost your metabolism much more efficiently than long distance running or excessive repetitive exercise. Plus, it takes a fraction of the time to reap these benefits. If you are planning to work out at home, search HIIT workouts on YouTube on Sunday so you’ve got some in your queue throughout the week.

-Set Workout Appointments

Follow the golden workout rule: Plan your weekly workouts and schedule them in your calendar. If you wait until you ‘have time,’ you will never fit it in.

-Make A Workout Date

Reach out to a friend, and instead of setting up a date for drinks or dinner at a restaurant, book a workout together for later in the week. It could be an after-work hike or a trail run or taking that new yoga class you saw advertised. It’s a way to bond with your friend and get motivated together. Texting your friends and setting up those workout dates also adds accountability as it is harder to just skip the planned workout.

Get on the Right Track… 

-Make a Playlist

Music lifts a mood, gets you moving, puts a smile on your face. Not only does it inspire your dance moves, but it can also help you lose weight. Music in the 120 to 140 beats per minute range (Google it, there are long lists including some Lady Gaga, Pink, Rihanna, Linkin Park, Michael Jackson) can help distract you from feeling tired and actually up your endurance by 15 percent. Play DJ on Sunday, setting up playlists you’ll look forward to listening to throughout the week.

-Buy indulgent Bubble Bath Products

Add some pamper bubble bath and bath salts on your grocery list. Soaking in hot water will help relax your sore muscles after your planned high intensity workouts… Plus it is good for the soul!

-Clean Out Your Fridge

Leftovers are the enemy… they are potential tests of your willpower! Dump them!

Avoid the temptation and just get rid of them.

-Roll Out the Yoga Mat

Everyone can benefit from taking the time to breathe and get centered before starting the work week. Hip openers, twisting postures and breath work are very detoxifying and set you up for making healthy choices throughout your week. When the mind feels good, so does the body, and vice versa.

-Write in Your Journal

Sleep experts remind us that glowing electronics and fiddling on your phone before bedtime will disrupt sleep. Instead, use a journal not just before bed, but throughout the day to set goals and celebrate milestones. Track your progress by writing it down, keeping yourself motivated and accountable.

Plan, plan, plan… 

-Get Shopping Right

Before you make your Sunday grocery store run, plan out your meals and snacks for the week. Block out an hour to plan.

-Get some recipe ideas

Plan some fun recipes. Browse through your TLC Recipe book and schedule some meals to prepare from there. Plan to have all the ingredients on hand.

-Set Healthy Habit Reminders

Start setting up some reminders in your smartphone. Daily reminders can help you follow through with healthy habits.. a nudge to drink water, take your supplements, exercise, or eat. These healthy reminders can also be used to negate any self-sabotaging habits. For example, if you know that at 3 p.m. you are usually feeling sluggish and going for that candy bar, then set a reminder to eat your TLC snack or fruit instead.

-Check Your Calendar

There could be some potential weight-loss saboteurs lurking on your calendar. Have a stressful meeting coming up? Plan not to stress eat afterward! Don’t let scheduled obligations trip you up during the week. On Sunday, review your week ahead and be aware of those days that you have social obligations or meetings that might trip you up, and then plan your meals and snacks accordingly.

-Set Alarms to Go to Sleep

Consistent sleep schedules can help with weight loss. Don’t let your erratic sleep schedule cancel out all the hard work you have been doing. Set an alarm on your phone 30 minutes before your scheduled bedtime. Then, start winding down… Have a bath, cut screen time, breathe deeply…

So use your weekend well.. Make it your time to set yourself up for success!