You did it! You are close to your goal weight! But now you start worrying… Are you going to be able to keep it off?

Losing weight is difficult enough. But the reality is that the odds are stacked against you for long-term success. Researchers estimate that only about 20% of dieters maintain weight loss after a diet. Those are not great odds! So how do you avoid becoming a part of that disheartening statistic?

The great news: TLC has a plan for you … And, it works! So follow the TLC-Stabilization plan (your personalised Phase 3 program) and Lifestyle guidelines (Phase 4) after completing your TLC Program Phase 1 and 2, and you will keep it off!

What is it all about?

Once you reach your goal weight, the worst thing you can do is to resume your old eating habits. Remember that those are the eating habits that caused the weight gain in the first place.

So what should you do?

Do not start eating ‘normally ‘ immediately the day you reach goal weight. 

  • Your body will not be able to cope with the rush of sugars and carbohydrates you have been avoiding for so long.
  • Feeding your body these foods will cause it to overreact and store it as fat.
  • The very efficient fat factory you have been creating with your TLC-Program will stall and fail.

To increase your chances of weight maintenance after your  diet, plan for a transitional stabilization phase after you reach your goal weight. 

  • During this time, make slow changes to your diet and monitor the effects on the scale. Abrupt changes are likely to cause weight regain.
  • With the TLC-Stabilization phase all the guesswork is removed and you have exact steps to follow to retrain your body to handle ‘normal’ food and increased quantities again.
  • This stabilization phase is also a good time to identify the eating habits and exercise patterns that you learned while dieting so that you can maintain for the long term.
  • During this stabilization phase you will also be able to note which foods your body does tend to overreact to and do further retraining, or learn what to avoid in future.

Tips to stay at your goal weight:

  • After your TLC-Program weight loss phase (Phase 2), follow the Stabilization Phase 100%, and then keep the Lifestyle guidelines in mind
  • Weigh Yourself
  • Keep a scale in your bathroom and use it once a week. Studies show that checking your weight on a regular basis is a practice shared by people who successfully keep their weight off.
  • Keep your Rescue Remedy in mind. Do these steps as soon as you have gained a couple of  kilos, before it all gets out of hand
  • Exercise
    Research into permanent weight loss reveals that exercise is one of the best predictors of long-term success. Thirty to 60 minutes of moderate exercise every day will keep both your body and mind healthy.
  • Keep to healthy routines you learnt on your TLC-Program.

On your Program you had to eat 3 meals a day at regular intervals. You also had to eat by 9pm and not snack in the evenings. And that all-important water intake! It is important to keep up these healthy routines to maintain your loss.

Help Someone Else
Become a mentor. One of the best ways to stay motivated and aware is to teach your weight-loss skills to a newbie. An excellent way to do this is to become a TLC-Ambassador and earn a good primary or secondary income as well!

What is Normal Eating After Weight Loss?:

  • Eat mindfully. Incorporate conscious eating habits at meals, ie small bites, chew properly.
  • Avoid rigid eating after weight loss. If you keep the TLC Lifestyle guidelines in mind the rigid weighing and food selection can be relaxed
  • Portion control is your friend
  • Eat protein at each meal
  • Water, water, water!

    If you turn these healthy diet habits into healthy lifestyle habits, and follow your TLC lifestyle guidelines, you’re likely to maintain your healthy, ideal goal weight.