Have you ever thought that working towards achieving your weightloss goal on your TLC-Program can mean so much more to your life than all the benefits of losing weight and becoming healthier? Over and above the boost in self-esteem from looking and feeling better, you also get a tremendous boost from actually achieving a goal you set yourself. When you achieve a goal that required commitment and effort from you, you experience a level of joy and satisfaction that can be transformational. The level of self-satisfaction and pride can affect all aspects of your life, resulting in improved self-esteem and confidence in all your interactions and activities.

By setting achievable goals for yourself, you fuel your determination and hold yourself accountable.

Remember on the journey towards achieving your goal, you must hold yourself accountable along the way. After setting your goals, it is important to always measure, track and report your progress. This will keep you motivated and on track. However, and this is a big MUST, you must measure against where you were when you set your target, not against some vague imagination! So to clarify this, when you track your progress, focus on… ‘WOW, I have lost 4kg since I started!’ not on ‘I have 16kg to go before I achieve my ideal weight.’ You must take the time to acknowledge and celebrate what you have achieved. Appreciate what you have already achieved (after all, you are 4kg lighter than you were) and use this to create more confidence to set bigger ideals and clearer and more tangible goals! Example: I lost 4 kg in 3 weeks, I have a wedding to attend in 4 weeks’ time; I can easily have lost another 4kg by that time if I persist and stay on my Program!

Achieving your goals can actually help you appreciate your own strength and capabilities, and allow you to dream bigger. It gives you the confidence to set more goals in other aspects of your life with the knowledge that you are capable and strong. Keep strong and focussed, and you will experience that uplifting joy of achieving your goal!