Lets talk about the dangerous trend of taking diabetes medication for weightloss.

There is a growing trend to take diabetes medication, when not clinically indicated, to help weightloss. The biggest trend spread via TikTok is Ozempic, but is also includes Wegovy, Tirzeoatide( not yet on market), and Metformin.

Before you jump on the bandwagon of this trend, note the following:

-According to research, even though these drugs may lead to some weight loss, the amount you lose may be far less than expected. On average, weight loss after one year on the drug is only six pounds… that is ONLY 2.7kg in a full year!!

-Ozempic (and other diabetes drugs) may trigger weight loss, but only while a person takes the drug. One study found that the majority of people gained back most of the weight they lost within  one year after stopping the medication.

Drugs do not replace a healthy lifestyle diet!

Why do people take it?

It has been touted as a miracle drug for weightloss on Tik-Tok. Rather than relying solely on diet, exercise and willpower to reduce weight, tirzepatide and other new drugs target the digestive and chemical pathways that underlie obesity, suppressing appetite and blunting cravings for food.

While it has some value for the seriously obese in assisting with the stabilisation of sugar levels, and therefore cravings and hunger, enabling easier weightloss in some, going this route can have serious health side effects.

How does it work? 

Ozempic and Wegovy are two versions of semaglutide. That drug mimics a key gut hormone, known as GLP-1, that is activated after people eat, boosting the release of insulin and slowing release of sugar from the liver. It delays digestion and reduces appetite, making people feel full longer.

Tirzepatide is the first drug that uses the action of two hormones, GLP-1 and GIP, for greater effects. It also targets the chemical signals sent from the gut to the brain, curbing cravings and thoughts of food.

Though the drugs appear safe, they can cause side effects, some serious.

Side effects:

Most common reactions include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, constipation and stomach pain. Some users have developed pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas, others have had gallbladder problems. Mounjaro’s product description warns that it could cause thyroid tumors, including cancer.

So think about it:

Do you want to be on medication for life and risk the side effects… or do you want to establish a healthier lifestyle through TLC that will have long term impact on your weight and health?