A common response to those who tell you to think more positively is often: “I feel what I feel. I can’t help how I feel.”  But this is not strictly true. You can change from Negative to Positive with these steps:

ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR NEGATIVE FEELINGS: Write them down. If you feel you are lacking in willpower or just can’t overcome your cravings, write those thoughts down. When you acknowledge the darker emotions, they often tend to have less power over you. Then: make a conscious effort to transform your thoughts

DESIGN POSITIVE COUNTER STATEMENTS: The easiest way to counter limiting beliefs is to turn them around.
For example, for each one of your negative thinking phrases, design a positive counter-statement – a positive affirmation, if you will. Used regularly, these positive affirmations make you experience different feelings, increasing your motivation and ultimately bringing about new, healthier behaviuors that take you to your weight loss goal with minimum of fuss.
For example:
NEGATIVE: “No matter what diet I try, each time I gain all my weight back”
Turn it around to something like:
“I eat a healthy diet and easily stay at my ideal weight”
NEGATIVE: “I often crave sweets or fatty foods, they make me feel good”
Turn it around to:
“I often eat fresh, clean food, it makes me feel so good!”

NEGATIVE: “I can’t waste money on getting healthy, I would rather spend it on something else”
To: “Spending money on a healthy new me will benefit not just my self-esteem, but will save me money long term on health-care and medication!”
And so on… you get the gist of turning limiting beliefs into empowering positive thinking phrases, right?

Whenever you catch yourself using limiting beliefs, STOP.

EXPECT SUCCESS: How often do you start your weight-loss journey already feeling you will fail? Expect to be successful! Imagine you attending that wedding in your gorgeous new outfit- even buy that outfit for the expected skinny you! This mind shift will make a difference!

DON’T GIVE UP: Do not give up at the first obstacle or temptation you face. You have not failed until you give up! So you gave in to temptation and had a sweet… just refocus and get right back on track!

BELIEVE YOU CAN! Again, if you expect to fail you will. Believe you can be successful and you will be.

LOOK FOR SOLUTIONS: Life is full of challenge. But do not give in to the first obstacle… find the solution! So you are going to a wedding? Plan!! You can plan your meals around it and you really do not need to toast the couple with a glass (or 3) of champagne! Sparkling water will do!

SEE OPPORTUNITIES: So money is a concern? Why not earn money while you lose weight with the referral opportunity or starting your own TLC Clinic? You will be your own walking advert after all!

If you always start a sentence with… but …or .. I can’t…  and with a negative attitude and expecting failure and difficulties, it is now the time to change the way you think. It is time to get rid of negative thoughts and behavior.

Simple tips for developing a positive attitude:

  • Choose to be happy.
  • Look at the bright side of life.
  • Choose to be and stay optimistic.
  • Find reasons to smile more often.
  • Have faith in yourself
  • Associate yourself with happy people.
  • Read inspiring stories.
  • Read inspiring quotes
  • Use positive affirmation

Positive affirmation is a great tool to create positive attitude.

Our next Blog will help you use this powerful tool.