Change is scary. It can seem like a huge obstacle to change your lifestyle and get healthy. But the key to real change is to keep it simple…

What do you want to achieve? 

Quit bad habits, lose weight and get healthy?…

It sounds simple, yet scary. But you have to remember, it does not all have to happen overnight. You can start slow, but as you make small changes, the effects result in an all-round healthier, happier you!

Easy steps to start…

BREATHE DEEPLY: ever notice that you forget to ‘breathe’? Of course not entirely, but most of us, through stress and bad habit, breathe too shallow and too fast.
TIP: Take a deep breath right now and notice the difference!

When you take a deep breath, your body will flood with fresh oxygen which will make you feel more energised, fuel your cells and keep your system functioning optimally. Breathing deeply is easy enough, but requires conscious effort to do so. So, set a reminder on your phone to take a deep breath (or two) daily! After a while it will come naturally.

DRINK LOTS OF WATER: This one you cannot skip! It will see you reap massive rewards from clearer skin, healthier gut and you may even lose a kilo or two as well! (see our recent blog on water (

HAVE A LAUGH! It sounds silly, but laughter truly is the best medicine! Laughter is proven to lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones and improve cardiac health. It also triggers the release of endorphins which eases chronic pain. Add some comedies to your regular viewing schedule and consciously choose to spend time with people who make you laugh out loud or even just make you smile. Life is too short to live any other way. So Laugh often and Laugh out loud!

EAT CLEAN: Eat unprocessed clean foods. Not sure where to start? Your TLC-Program tells you exactly what you should be eating. (

SUPPLEMENT: A good way to ensure you are getting nutrients missing from even clean foods, is to supplement. A good Multi-vitamin, Vitamin C, Anti-oxidant and Omega and Fish Oils are considered daily essentials. To make it easier for you, the TLC Turbo Boost contains daily packs of all of these essentials!  Buy them here:

Be sure to add Collagen … In addition to helping your body digest food properly, these supplements have a plethora of health benefits including strengthening hair, nails and teeth, improving the overall appearance and elasticity of skin, reducing both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis joint pain, improving flexibility, and even helps form new bones. The best part? You simply add it to your favourite drink or food and voila! No mess, no fuss. Buy here:

MOVE: Don’t panic; you don’t have to run marathons or tackle the gym just yet! First step.. commit to incorporating extra steps into your daily routine ie take the stairs, walk to a nearby shop instead of driving or park further away from the entrance of your local shopping mall. Using a step counter on your phone can be a great incentive and a way to monitor how you increase your activity every day! Whatever you choose to do, just commit to start moving more today than you did yesterday.

So come on, no excuses! Make 2020 about going back to basics.. . eat clean, move more, breathe deeply and do this all while laughing out loud! Let 2020 be the year you change things up for the better!