SO what are the signs of Carbohydrate addiction?

If you have a number of these, you are “hooked on Carbohydrates”, or “Carbohydrate Addicted’’:

  1. Conditioned to Eat

Remember the experiment where the behavioural scientist Pavlov rang a bell and condition a dog to expect a treat at the sound of the bell? We’re all a little Pavlovian when it comes to certain foods, but if your mouth waters every time you walk by a bakery, sweet aisle or pizza parlour, especially when you’re not hungry, something is up.

  1. Emotionally Attached

You couldn’t even imagine a life without pasta, soda or candy. You might use the word “love” when you refer to certain refined or sugar foods. “I love pasta.” “I love cookies.” You absolutely dread the idea of eating healthy and having to ‘sacrifice’ that treat.

  1. Just. Can’t. Stop. 

You have a hard time just having one. Whether it is candy, cookies, pastries or crisps, stopping is always the hardest part. In fact, it’s not unusual to eat to the point of feeling sick. And even though you know you are going to regret it terribly, you still reach for that extra chocolate bar.

  1. You’ll Eat Better Later

Every time you eat starchy or sugar carbs, you tell yourself that you’ll cut back later. You know you can just do without the bowl of pasta or that chocolate slab, but there’s always another day, right? It is true there’s always tomorrow. But when tomorrow never comes, there’s a problem.

  1. Can’t Focus

You’re distracted and can’t stop thinking about your next snack or carb-filled meal. This type of distraction isn’t hunger related, it’s all about the food. You can’t get on with your day until you appease your craving.

  1. Out-of-Control Portions

Portion sizes start to increase. You used to be able to get by on just one or two small cookies, now you eat half the box.

  1. You Feel Withdrawal Symptoms When You Cut Back/Cut Refined Carbs Out
    You’ve made the decision to cut out sugar and now you feel horrible… headaches, nausea, irritability, low energy… Withdrawal symptoms or increased cravings are not uncommon, but do subside with time.

An important step in beating this addiction is understanding the harm it is doing to your body.

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