Want to make sure this year’s resolution does not go the way of so many previous ones? Take steps now to make your resolution reality!

Keeping a resolution is much harder than making one. 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail within the first year, and 20% of resolutions are broken within the first week of January alone. So if you have failed before, how can you ensure that you keep your resolution this year?

1. Change your perspective:
Whether a New Year’s weight-loss resolution is that or just a delusion is based on how you view it. Do not start off with a view of: Deprivation Starvation Hunger… You will most assuredly fail.
Rather view it as a fresh start, chances are you will accomplish it and allow it to become a new lifestyle.

2. Find the positive outcomes:
If your New Year’s resolution is weight loss, pick out the positive outcomes to focus on. These include: Improved health, Lowered body fat, Increased energy, reduced medication, Improved self-esteem, Increased metabolism, Improved digestion, reduced disease risk.

Now that your mindset is focused on those outcomes, what are the steps to take to being a New Year’s weight-loss success?

1. Set short-term goals to be successful. For example, write down a realistic amount of weight you would like to drop in the first 4-weeks. Or, if you struggle to drink water, set a realistic goal for the first week and build it up every week.

2. Create a list of things you need to manage or avoid and be brutally honest with yourself. You know what has been your downfall in the past… A coffee (and cake) date with a friend? A late afternoon craving that turns into a binge? Easily accessible snacks that you have in the cupboards for the kids? Anticipate those potential pitfalls so you can better avoid and manage them.

3.Create a deadline:
For your New Year’s weight-loss resolution to be a success, create a deadline. It does not work when you keep delaying the start of your weightloss journey. A deadline gives you a sense of purpose and urgency. Mark it on your calendar and set countdown reminders on your phone.

4.Create a course of action:
No plan is planning to fail.
Create your action plan on how you will meet your weight-loss goal, and hold yourself accountable. Purchase your TLC-Program, gather the necessary tools and supplies, and start!

5. Share and draw others in. Tell your family, friends, and co-workers about your new fresh start and get their support. If some of them join you, even better! When others know about your goals they will usually keep you accountable for them by asking you about it and how you are doing.

6. Keep a food and activity diary:
Create an accountability sheet to score yourself each day. Your goal, ideally, is to make a perfect score daily in all areas of your Weightloss plan. Track what and how much you eat, water intake, and exercise or steps walked. Making yourself accountable every day in a written format will more than likely keep you on track better.

7. Reward yourself for meeting goals:
Acknowledge and celebrate all achievements, even in the short term. When you complete a short-term goal successfully, reward yourself. And not with food or sweets! A reward for your success doesn’t have to be food related. Reward yourself with new clothes, makeup for your new image, or a pedicure!

So for 2022 let’s aim for a successful resolution, not a delusion! Focus on the positive and how it can actually benefit you in the long-run. When you can envision what you want the final outcome to be and the course of action it will take, you are already on a good path to making your resolution a reality!

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