“Beginning of April 2020 is the first time I was able to  eat an egg in five years. I  was referred to TLC by my client (early 2019), whom I had complemented following her spectacular weight loss. Then, I could not start the program because I was breastfeeding and the baby was quite small.

Five years ago,I ended up in hospital with a severe allergic reaction that could not be identified.  I  spent 9 days in hospital. I still had to spend another 2 weeks at home recovering after discharge. I  was very ill.

Soon after that I  discovered I could not eat egg, seafood and mutton. I had developed an allergy (intolerance). When I ate these things mentioned above, I would simply fall very sick, my liver enzymes would also be compromised. This limited my meal options very much and you can imagine how much it affected my lifestyle.

When I started TLC I was 79kg and have managed to reach my goal weight 20kgs later. I am now healthier and full of energy. All the foods I could not tolerate I can now eat without any reactions or fear of ending up in an ER.

This is one program I can bet on. What you put in is what you get out. In fact I  can push that further and say you get much more out.

I found that when I did things correctly, the results were astounding. I would also see bad results if had been misbehaving. This is one program  I  can put my neck on the line for,to me it was truly God sent,but that is a story for another day……..” Ayanda Ntshangase

Ayanda is also now a TLC-AMBASSADOR in Ladysmith, continuing her journey by assisting others to achieve their goals!