“After having my second child I started gaining weight and went from a size 34 to 38.  I thought that was not bad until I gained more reaching a size 44!

I realised I had a problem with my breathing.  I could not walk from my house to my gate without breathing hard.  I started to stay at home, not going to parties or family gathering because I really hated my body.

When I heard about TLC I was so scared.  I had tried to diet before, but had failed so many times.  My TLC Program rescued me.  I found it hard to follow the rules but I was determined and food became my medicine.

TLC taught me the correct food to eat and I started to lose weight.  It was nice to eat delicious meals while shedding kilos.

In the first 3 weeks my husband started to notice a change and my clothes were starting to loosen up.  I was so excited.

I am now outgoing.  I even wear jeans, which I was too scared to before.  Everything looks great on me and I could not be happier.  I look so sexy, my skin has cleared up and my blemishes are gone.

Thank you to my TLC Coach for all the support I received.”