“After a successful weight loss of 17kg, one could think the destination has been reached, but to me the journey has just began.

The journey to a new me!

I knows how to better control my cravings, portion sizes and most importantly my attitude towards nutrition and food. I could not have done it alone without TLC.

Ursula (my personal TLC-Coach), thank you for steering in the correct direction.  When the road was bumpy and rough you were there to guide me.

TLC brought what seemed like a far fetched dream to reality.

For years I tried different weight loss diets, prescribed to different exercise programmes but still did not lose weight.

The dedication and support I received from TLC is immensely appreciated.  I can proudly say I look like my 13 year self.  I feel healthy, Energetic and younger.


Kagiso (April 2021)