Throughout our busy lives we navigate through different tasks, requirements, achievements, failures.  We tend to not realise unintentionally how much we never priorities our wellbeing vs everything else around us.

We only realise when we are hit with the reality that as we are getting older, our bodies react slower and may not be able to react at all sometimes.  And then, that is when the doctor tells you “well, things doesn’t look good .. take some pills”.

We are then put in a place whether to accept reality or challenge it, find an alternative and change.  I have faced this question three times.  Each time I chose TLC for Weightloss to help me to change.

In 2008, 2012 and 2020 I trusted TLC to provide me with a personalised program that helped me and many others realise this change… they are experts, they take everything under consideration, they follow up, they advise, and makes sure to keep a track on your progress until you completely transform!

Issam’s blood pressure is now normal and his blood sugar levels stabilised on his program!