I have always had a healthy weight until life happened, and I let myself go. The turning point was when I saw photos of myself, the worst was when I saw myself from the back.

I then realised I could not keep eating unhealthy and making the wrong food choices. That’s when I started my TLC Wellbeing journey. It was something only I could do for myself to become the better healthier version of myself.

In the beginning, it was an emotional roller coaster.  I not only had to eat healthy but I needed to be in the right mindset too. The first few weeks were not easy.  I had cravings but my mind was focused on the end results. I also completed the program over the festive season, but I kept my mind on my end goal and completed the program without cheating one single day.

I’m now healthier and more comfortable in my own skin and I’m forever grateful to TLC. This program is something that I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to make a positive change !

Thank you to my Coach, Tish, for always being my helping hand in need and to have someone monitoring my progress.

My Stats:
Height: 1.57m
Start Weight: 71.1 kg
Waist: 82cm
Hip: 111cm

End Weight: 54.4kg
Waist: 66cm
Hip: 87.5cm