“I prayed so hard for help and answers, the next day I received a TLC pamphlet and when I read no shakes, pills or injections, I knew this was it.

From day1 I enjoyed my food.. There was hardly ever a day that I would say “I’m so sick of this food”.  Sometimes it was hard but most of time easy.  The weight just melted away.

I liked the fact that I could eat fruits, cheese and so many different kinds foods.

TLC was such a blessing to me, with the help of God I was able to loose 47kg’s,I was weighing 105kg’s and now 58kg and still want to loose 3kg’s, from a size 46 pants down to a size 30/32 pants.

My weightloss changed my marriage.  It put the extra spark into my marriage and I am now my husband’s “sexy poppie”. He loves to about his new wife, he can’t keep his hands off me.

I love buying clothes now, I just want to shop, I have nothing to hide anymore.  I will never be fat again, I have learned to control myself and I know now what works for me and what doesn’t work.

TLC isn’t just another diet with silly blood tests, it’s a lifestyle change, it changed my ways of eating in so many ways. I am now such an inspiration for others, and I love the fact that they ask me for advice.  People now give me so much attention, and talk to me more, where when I was overweight they didn’t seem to notice me, I was just another overweight person, its actually so sad.

I’m a new person, and not embarrassed to walk around with my family anymore.  I’m a new Anne and I love it.

Thank you TLC most of all thank you GOD!”