Mondays are Diet Groundhog Day!

Yes, It is Monday… Diet ‘re-start’ Day! Will it stick this time?? 

In many households Monday is the ‘Let’s re-start our diet’ day! And unfortunately.. this happens on a repeat loop… Mondays are diet groundhog day for too many people!

Are you one of them? Did you say, yet again, Monday is the day! I will start my diet 100% on Monday!! And, how many times have you done that before, just to falter a few days, or even hours, in?! Do you want to change that, ensure, that this time, it sticks?

To change the story, we need to understand… Why do we start off so well on a Monday and then allow ourselves to falter?

And the answer is simple: We find Excuses… Excuses to stop, to fail, to give in, to quit.

To avoid yet another Monday restart, be aware and ‘cancel’ these common excuses:

-I deserve a treat

How often do you decide to have a treat while you are trying to follow your diet and you convince yourself that you deserve it, for whatever reason. Maybe remind yourself that you deserve a healthy body and improved wellbeing and longevity instead of that momentary sweet treat that will be gone and forgotten in minutes?

-I’ve been so good this won’t make a difference

Oh no, doesn’t this sound all too familiar!! You have been sooo good, you have started feeling and seeing the difference, and then that tiny voice starts whispering… Surely one little treat will not make a difference? I will get right back on my diet after?! And how well has that worked out for you in the past? Mmm??

-I have this function, event, holiday..

I will just take a break from my Diet and get back on it tomorrow, next week, next month….. Never? Sound familiar?

-I need a boost

Feeling low in energy will be a temporary condition while your body adjusts and detoxes and persevering through it will reward you with increased energy and zest.

-I don’t feel well… When I am better I will start again

Eating correctly now and cutting out the sugars and unnecessary carbs will improve your health and you will feel better in the long run.

-And then, the excuse… Why should I care? I just want to relax and eat what I want. 

Unfortunately, as good as it sounds, very few people remain happy and comfortable in their obesity when it affects their health, wellbeing and self esteem.

So can you afford to stop and start your diet through all these Monday Groundhog cycles?

The unfortunate fact is that very few people can muster the same motivation with their diet if they keep allowing themselves ‘breaks’ and ‘deviations’. A short term diet then often becomes a ‘lifestyle’ of see-saw dieting and limited results. It is best to start it and see it through right to stabilization for the best and quickest results.

So this time, choose health, energy, vitality, self confidence…. This Monday when you start your diet commit to doing it 100% right through to stabilization… With no excuses! You will reap all the rewards!