Making your own Ricotta Cheese at home is really easy.  Try this easy recipe at home and make your own at the fraction of the cost in the shops.

Here you go … step by step:

Add 1.5litres of Fresh Low Fat Milk to a heavy based Saucepan.

Slowly bring it up to approximately 85°C – or if you don’t have a thermometre keep heating until just BEFORE it boils – you will see little bubbles on the side.  Do not Boil.

Take if off the heat and stir in ¾ Cup of White Vinegar.  Put the lid on and leave it for 15 mins.

The Curds will separate from the Whey.

Strain the curds into a muslin cloth (you can also use a clean tea towel. Leave it in the muslin cloth over a bowl for a while to release the whey – the longer you leave it the harder and drier the cheese will get, so keep an eye on it till it reaches the consistency that you like.  Once you remove it from the muslin you can season with salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil.

Ricotta is very versatile – depending which Phase of the TLC-Program you are on, you could:

  • Have it on a cracker
  • Add it to a muffin mix (see TLC-Recipe on the blog)
  • Use it to make a sauce
  • Add it to noodles, etc

Give it a try!