So you feel as though you have been stuck on the same weight for a while. We know it can be really frustrating.
Sometimes your body can reach its natural ‘comfort’ plateau – the body plateaus at a certain weight that it is comfortable with and then you have to just persist on your Program to allow the body to break through that comfort zone

Lets do a quick check – often changing just a few things will make a big difference:

  1. Are you exercising? At least 30 to 60 minutes of walking, jogging, cycling, swimming or some other form of aerobic exercise a minimum of three times a week will help you push through those barriers.
  2. Are you following your program 100%? – Small deviations or mistakes can make you stall. Perhaps spend some time reading through your food lists to ensure there is nothing you are missing. A few small changes can make a huge difference should you be doing something wrong.
  3. Keep a food diary. Do you really know what you eat every day? A good way to figure out what is going on is to track your food intake.  Writing everything down will make you conscious of what you are eating and will allow you to see where you could change patterns and figure out any triggers which cause you to deviate.  Are you consuming more calories in the afternoon on the days you skip breakfast?  Are you leaving out the necessary water intake?  You can get more benefit from your food diary with minimal extra effort. At the end of the day, jot down some ideas on how you felt that day – were you hungry,  full, or just right?  Was your breakfast adequate, but not your lunch?  Writing down notes about ways your food choices corresponded to your hunger signals during the day will help you plan future days and meals during your weight-loss journey. You will see patterns develop – eating a whole apple fills you up more than drinking apple juice and so on. Using a food diary will visually assist you to become aware of what you need to do to boost your metabolism and make the necessary changes to push through your plateau.
  4. Vary your meals. Stimulate your metabolism by eating a variety of foods each day.  You may actually be following your personalised eating plan 100% but eating the same foods each day – this will result in the body becoming “used” to the foods you consume and slow down (it no longer has to work so hard to process and digest), and your body will not be receiving the nutrition required (as you are leaving out a large variety of different foods).
  5. Drink your water. It is a well known fact that drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water a day is necessary and will in fact aid your weight loss and flush toxins from the body (staying well hydrated is essential to flushing the body of toxic by products that are released when fat is burned).  Drinking all the water specified on your Program = rapid weight loss.
  6. Sleep. Research shows that people who don’t sleep for seven to eight hours a night are more prone to weight gain.  Additionally, lean muscle is regenerated in the final couple of hours of sleep each night.
  7. Have you started any new medications? Some medications can cause weight loss to slow down.
  8. Keep motivated. Stay in contact with your weight-loss coach, attend your weigh in sessions and use whichever tools are made available to you to ensure that you stay on track.