Abundant research shows healthy lifestyle factors protect us against serious, often disabling health problems.

Healthy lifestyle factors include:

Eating healthy foods; exercising regularly; easing stress; getting restful sleep; quitting addictive substances like tobacco and limiting alcohol; and nurturing social connections.

Focusing on the above could prevent about 70% to 80% of coronary heart disease and 90% of type 2 diabetes. It also protects against dementia, high blood pressure, strokes, cancer and other serious or disruptive lifestyle disease.

But can you ensure these healthy lifestyle factors become a part of your life? Is it possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

YES…This is both doable and worthwhile! You just need to stick  to a plan!!


-The TLC-Program provides you with all the structure and tools you need to ensure these factors become good life habits.

-Put healthy habits on automatic: Healthy choices can become more automatic if you remove the “choice” part. For example, take the thinking out of every eating or activity decision by planning ahead for the week to come.

-Follow a structured eating plan (TLC-Program) and prepare and pre-plan your week’s menu. So don’t forget to schedule to drink enough water!

-Pre-schedule your week’s activity and stick to it! Plan on physical activity every day, the more vigorous the better… but anything is better than nothing!

-Understand how emotions affect you. If feeling stressed, angry, or sad is a trigger for overeating or another unhealthy activity, it’s important to recognize this. Writing down triggers over the course of a week can enhance your awareness.

-Building better stress management habits can help you stick to your plan.

-Get enough sleep and schedule personal time and social activity to re-charge your batteries.

A healthy lifestyle is key to a long, healthy life, and is attainable. Success may require some  trial and error, but don’t give up! It is worth it and literally can save your life.