The Southern hemisphere is experiencing a heatwave, and for those in South Africa, it has been made even more intolerable due to loadshedding of the power grid, leading to power outages where fans and airconditioners cannot be used.

So, if you are not able to spend a day in the pool or jump in a cool Shower throughout the day, we found a few ways to make the heat more tolerable:

  1. Wet a facecloth, leave it in a plastic bag in the freezer until it is really chilled, and place it at the back of your neck to instantly cool your core body temperature.
  2. Rub ice blocks over pulse points at your wrists, and behind your neck.

HYDRATION IS VITAL!! Even a 2% loss in hydration has been found to impact cognition, memory, mood, and reaction time. Dehydration can also impact blood sugar balance, blood pressure, and hormone regulation.

  1. Drink ice water… If you know you will be out most of the day, empty your water bottle to 3/4. Freeze the remainder of the water in the bottle (often it works well to lie it sideways in the freezer as it gives you a bigger surface of ice.) When you go out fill the remainder of the bottle with cold water. The frozen bit will keep it nice and cold and as it melts throughout the day you always have cold water.
  2. Water flavorings can make drinking enough fluids more enjoyable. Use a zero sugar zero option like Biogen Flavour Water Enhancer.
  3. Make ice blocks or ice lollies from your flavoured water… chewing a flavoured ice block is an instant coolant.

Have light cool Meals like salads and fruit:

  1. Freeze your yogurt. If you have to take a lunch to work, swopping this out as your meal 2 will give you a nice cold lunch to cool you down.
  2. Have fruit pieces (from your allowance) ready in the fridge for a quick cool snack.

Also, wear light breathable clothing, preferably cotton.

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