We know you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day without adding centimetres to those hips, right?

Our recommendation:  Stay on your TLC-Program:
Sacrificing one Valentine’s Day for many more and doing your TLC-Program 100%!

This is what we recommend most…especially if you are near your goal weight.

Here are a few tips to help you cope and enjoy the day:

Replace Bread with your Crackers

Think about whether choosing that ‘little’ roll or slice of bread is worth it.  Rather choose your crackers and then you know you are safe.

Modify the choices if you go out

Don’t be shy.  At a restaurant ask for changes to the menu.  Ask them to exclude the vegetables you are not allowed and replace them with those on the Phase 2 list.  Ask them for Balsamic Vinegar and Olive oil on the side – so no dressings.  Some restaurants will even weigh your protein for you before they grill – then you know you are still on track!

Remember restaurant sizes are much larger than normal so try your best to get your portion size as close as possible to what it should be.

Consider dining in this year

Dine in this year … it will be worth it.  Valentine’s Day will come around again.

What to do with the chocolate gifts.

Your friends and family know that you are being healthy.  Surely they won’t be offended if you pass those edible goodies on to a friend.

Do not completely deprive yourself

Valentine’s Day is a time for laughter, fun and food. You can still treat yourself with some delicious sugar free desserts and delicious meals.  There are lots of delicious recipes in the TLC-Recipe books at:  https://tlcforwellbeing.com/product-category/recipe-e-books/  You will find something delicious to try.

One of the worst insulin triggers!  Try to avoid completely.  If you must dry red wine is the “best” alcohol to have.

Drink your Water:
Drink additional water.

Correct bad choices as soon as possible
If all fails, correct immediately at the next meal and get back on track!!

Enjoy, be happy and have fun!