Planning a trip?

Well whether it is for business or pleasure indulgent dinners, unhealthy airport fare and the temptation of room service can quickly derail your healthy lifestyle.

These are TLC’s tried and tested tips to help you make healthy choices:

Look for healthy options at the airport
Avoid packaged and processed snacks. Raw, unsalted nuts and fruits available from food vendors are not only portable but high in fiber, to keep you satisfied longer between meals.

Plan ahead – look for self-catered apartments for longer trips
If you’re going to be traveling for more than 2-3 days, consider booking a self-catered apartment. Even if the conference or event you’re travelling for provides catering, home-cooked food tends to be healthier than mass-produced meals.

Stock the mini bar
Get a room with a mini-fridge. Having somewhere to store whatever you picked up at the deli or supermarket is invaluable. Or if you want to stick to your normal diet hotel staff are usually happy to empty the fridge before you arrive and then help you stock up on the basics. If you want to you could even pack your scale and weigh most of your own meals.

Eating at restaurants
When eating at a restaurant keep it simple – choose a salad with protein like grilled chicken or grilled fish and roasted vegetables and always ask for sauces and dressings on the side so that you are not tempted to eat them with your meal.

Always ask your server to grill and steam things instead of frying.

Avoid skipping meals
It’s no surprise that we all must overcome the temptation to skip a meal when we have busy schedule – this is especially so when we’re traveling. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the consequences of doing this can have on your health are numerous, ranging from poor concentration to hypoglycemia. Skipping breakfast, for example, can leave you lethargic and feeling unable to focus all day long.

Most hotels offer packed breakfasts now so you can still enjoy some of the buffet treats on the go. You can also take pre-packed micro-lunches with you (three small meals, rather than one big lunch), which will help avoid hunger pangs, indigestion, and the temptation to overeat.

Exercise Portion Control
Try to stay as close as possible to the TLC portion sizes that you are familiar with. It may not always be possible to weigh your food so it is very important to ensure you stay within the TLC portion guidelines as far as possible.

Say NO to treats
Avoid indulging in the treats that are being passed around, like cookies, cake and sweets. Rather pack a few snack bags in the morning and keep those with you. These can include sliced apple, nuts, cracker etc.

Don’t forget your TLC Supplements
Invest in a box of TLC-Turbo Boost before your trip (you can buy them at the online store on this website).
Although they are not an alternative to a healthy diet, they go a long way in ensuring that you do not experience any deficiencies and remain energetic.

Stay away from Alcohol
Just like its a no-no on your TLC-Program – staying away from alcohol when you travel will help you stay on track.

Stay hydrated
Drinking enough water keeps your stomach full and reduces hunger. Staying hydrated is very important especially while flying.

Exercise is also important
It is important to remember how critical daily exercise is for your health. Even fitting in 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night will make a difference in your energy level and waistline.
Don’t get overwhelmed, take time to relax, enjoy and have fun.