A final thought before we close off 2020…

We have all had a tough 2020. Whether financially, emotionally or health-wise, this has not been a kind year to most.

As we head into the festive period now it may be hard to get in the right frame of mind to be cheerful and joyful and merry, as all the holiday jingles command. It is especially difficult to feel celebratory as we cannot socialize and congregate the way we normally do this time of year. But perhaps now more than ever we need to count our blessings, celebrate any victories and happy moments, appreciate the small things in life, and spare a thought and a prayer for those worse off than ourselves. So find those blessings, share what joy you can and make this festive season really special in other ways.

Small ways to feel and spread the joy right now….

Sing along loudly when you can to catchy jingles and songs,

Bake some Christmas cookies and package them with pretty festive bows and stickers to hand out to friends, family and anyone you see who might need their spirits lifted,

Make up care packages for the less fortunate, an old handbag filled with toiletries to hand to the destitute woman you always notice in the street, or a hamper with some food and snacks for the car guard trying to support his family,

Buy a stranger a cup of coffee

If you are financially able, pay for the meal of a pensioner, an emergency care worker or an obviously struggling family at a restaurant,

Smile and joke with cashiers and service people, they often bear the brunt of people’s frustrations,

Leave big tips if and where you can,

Drop off a few treats for your local firemen, policemen or emergency personnel,

Be kind, be courteous and be gentle even when you are not receiving the same in return.

And remember, cheerfulness and kindness is contagious.

From TLC we wish you a safe, comfortable, and especially, a healthy, Festive Season.