The road to weight loss can be a bumpy one. But much like anything else in life, it can be easier when you have someone to share the journey….Or at least cheer you on along the way!

Many people put all their effort into finding the right diet or exercise program but don’t put any energy into creating a support and accountability system, and too often, that’s where the wheels fall off and they lose motivation along the way.

It is a fact that you WILL need regular support and positive feedback to stay motivated.

There are some easy ways to gain this support:

Tell your close family and friends about your weight loss goals so they can help support you on your journey. Make sure they understand how important this is to you.. The last thing you need is a well-meaning friend destroying your progress by pushing that ‘only this one time… you deserve it!’ piece of cake on you!

It can be helpful to involve your partner, but make sure that he/she understands your goals and your motivation, so that they are supportive and not an obstacle or enabler. Help them understand your triggers, so that they realize… Going out to an ‘all you can eat’ Buffet restaurant for a treat might not be the best idea for now!

A very good motivator can be a weight loss buddy… Someone who shares a common goal and you know you can count on each other to help you through the tough patches.

Many people find a weight loss buddy very helpful. Teaming up is more fun, it helps keep you accountable and it may even help you shed more weight… You can work out together, check each other’s food diaries, share recipe ideas and encourage each other throughout the process.

Many experts now say buddying up can make the difference between failure and success with any weight loss plan.

Finally, consider joining a support group. Both in-person and online support groups have been proven to be beneficial. With TLC you receive a built in support system and support group through your TLC-coach, and the various social media available to you, including TLC Trim Buddies on Facebook.. Remember to use these!