Perhaps you are thinking about changing your diet, or maybe you have just invested in a new program to get you to a healthy weight?

In order to succeed in anything, you need to know WHY you want what you want.

If you want to not only finish your program, but also LIVE your new life, you need to have a BIG ENOUGH reason. Your reason for investing your time and energy into starting or changing your diet or managing your weight can’t be just something you’d “like” to do… it has to be a MUST!

So to find out your WHY, start by answering these questions:

  • Why did you begin this journey/why do you want to start a new journey?
  • What are your goals and why do you want to achieve them?
  • Do you know specifically what you want to change?
  • What do you think will happen if you change these aspects?
  • How do you think you will feel if you start to change now?
  • How do you think these changes will impact your life?
  • What will happen if you do not make these changes?
  • What will your life look like in a few months if you don’t change?
  • What will your life look like in a few months if you do change?

Just answering these questions may help you make the right choices, either to start or continue your journey.