First let’s address this sticky issue… do you Live to Eat? Or Eat to Live? Be honest now!

Mmmm… while this may sound the same, it is very different in reality. If you live to eat, you want to eat anything and everything that looks appealing, no matter how full of sugars, preservatives, artificial flavourings and other ‘oh so good’ baddies it is! That sprinkle covered caramel donut ring a bell, anyone?

If you eat to live, however, you are eating what your body requires to live a long, healthy and quality life. So in essence, you are eating smartly to improve your health and wellbeing and extend your life. This brings us to the idea of Food as Medicine. This is not a new idea. As Hippocrates said around 400BC… see.. not a new idea at all!…: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

We all understand that eating too much of the wrong foods, like fast foods and processed foods causes weight gain and can lead to obesity. This in turn increases your risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and some cancers. But do you realise the extent that eating the correct foods can affect whether you become ill or remain healthy into older age, your mental capacity as you age, and your general wellness?

Research on the power of food to treat or reverse disease is accumulating. Nutrient deficiency and toxicity from a poor diet is linked to nearly all modern health conditions. This includes dread diseases such as heart disease and cancer, but also includes those chronic conditions that impact quality of life such as immune diseases, allergies, irritable bowel, thyroid disorders and many others.

What people eat can be poison or medicine…dietary changes can slow inflammation, prevent and reverse disease and improve vitality and wellbeing.

Obviously, diet alone is not always the full solution, but most conditions or illness can benefit from dietary changes. As the field of Nutrigenomics indicate: Genes play a role in disease development and prevention, but a poor diet is a serious risk factor. Nutrient deficiencies and toxic chemicals in low-quality food effect human gene expressions, allowing certain diseases (ie cancer) or conditions (ie asthma) to be ‘switched on’.

So lets get specific… how can food be medicine?’ Well, since you asked…

Food can decreases and control inflammation… and inflammation is the root of most diseases and major cause of ageing

Food can balance hormones…and abnormal hormonal changes contribute to ageing, diabetes, obesity, fatigue, depression, reproductive problems, low mental capacity and concentration and autoimmune diseases

Food can alkalize the body… and low quality food makes the body more acidic and allows disease to thrive. The correct foods are detoxifying and helps with cellular renewal and promote longevity

Food can balance blood glucose (sugar)…poor food choices (sugar, carbohydrates, processed food) lead to cravings, fatigue, neurological damage, mood disorders and hormonal imbalance, while the correct food normalise blood sugar levels

Food can detoxify and eliminate toxins… poor food choices bombards the body with chemicals and contribute to inflammation, autoimmune disease, infertility, hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia and so on. The correct foods help detoxify and restore balance

Food can improve the absorption of nutrients…many foods are stripped of natural nutrients, over-processed, full of synthetic ingredients. The correct foods will add necessary vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and enzymes to your diet.

So it may sound simple… eat right to live well! But we all know it is not always that simple to make the right food choices… and often we need a little guidance. That is where a structured personalised eating Program, such as TLC-Program at can play such a vital role!

Follow a good Program for a few weeks and a lot of those good guidelines become ingrained as habits!

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