We make a lot of decisions. We decide to eat healthier, start exercising, or stop smoking. But, as we have all learnt… deciding to do something does not mean you end up doing it. Deciding often does not lead to Doing.  And a decision means nothing without an action following it.

This concept is so simple, yet most people never move from deciding to doing. They do not get into the habit of taking action and do not accomplish all they could be accomplishing.

Is that you? How many times have you decided to get healthier, lose weight, follow a healthy eating plan, only to not follow through?

Change that now. Make a decision, set a goal and immediately take action.

By getting into the habit of putting ideas and decisions into action, we are in a better position to achieve the results we desire.

How do I turn my decisions into actions?
1. Stop waiting until conditions are perfect:
If you are waiting for everything to be perfect in order to get started you will be waiting forever. Things will never be perfect. There will always be something that is not right or could be better. Do not wait until after the holidays, or after your birthday, or next Monday. There is no perfect time; there is only the present time. You must take action now and you can make adjustments as you move along.
Stop, get up, and do it.

2. Turn yourself into a doer:
A doer is someone who has an idea and moves forward with it immediately. Do you want to present a new idea at work? Do it today. Do you want to lose weight? Buy your TLC-Program now. (www.tlcforwellbeing.com)
When we pause and wait, we lose the will to move forward and allow excuses and doubts to creep into our minds.

3. Stop over-thinking things:
Don’t get paralysis of analysis. When we start to obsess over how conditions aren’t perfect, or question the amount of time we have to commit, or come up with a whole host of reasons not to move forward, we will not take the necessary action.

4. Take continuous action:
Once you get started, continue to take action steps. Purchased your program? Go ahead and plan your recipes, organize your fridge, get the right groceries. Make sure that you keep your momentum going by doing something productive related to your idea every day. This can be as easy as scheduling time to pre-cook meals or package portions. Those small tasks will add up quickly, and help you build confidence by seeing achievement.

5. Focus on the present:
There is an old Chinese Proverb that says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Yes, if we had planted those seeds 20 years ago we would have a full grown tree to provide us with shade right now. But if we don’t plant that tree now, 20 years in the future we will still be standing in the sun. Sure, if you started your diet 3 months ago when you first made the decision you would most likely be done by now and be able to wear what you really want to that event. But, on the other hand if you don’t focus on the now and get started now, you will still be in the same boat in another 3 months time. So focus on what you can do in the present.

6. Eliminate the distractions.
Have you ever sat down at your computer ready to do one task, only get distracted and start responding to emails, checking your social networking sites, and searching the internet? We live in a world of increasing noise. This noise can cause distractions that prevent us from being productive and give us an excuse to procrastinate. Focus in and drown out the distractions, and you will gain momentum from your production.

If you want to see some real changes in life, you can only see them if you take the necessary actions.
So, you want to start your diet?

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Do it.