One of the biggest problems with most eating healthy advice is that it is very general and very easy to misunderstand.

Here a very precise structured plan such as the TLC- Program is of enormous benefit – there is no room for the confusion you may have on trying to follow a ‘general fit for all” diet book or concept such as banting.

The truth is that for many people trying to lose weight and eat healthy, the problem is not that they don’t know how to eat well; it’s that they cannot consistently stick to a healthy diet. And what good is the best diet in the world if it’s not sustainable?

It is easy to blame failure simply on lack of willpower, but that’s not entirely accurate. While some people manage better to stick to a meal plan than others, there are techniques anyone can employ to maximize the chances of eating healthy in the long run.

Here are some tips to address the most common obstacles you face when trying to stick to a healthy diet.


One of the biggest reasons people don’t stick to a diet is that they simply get bored of seeing the same bland meals every day. They also find it impractical from a time and money perspective to constantly be shopping and cooking. Although most of us don’t have the time to become master chefs, you don’t have to be a master chef in order to prepare a variety of different meals simply and easily. What you have to do is learn to make subtle adjustments to versatile foods that make a big difference in taste. For example, something as simple as scrambled eggs can be mixed with cumin, garlic and mint for a North African flair, or parsley and lemon juice for more of a Middle Eastern taste. Your TLC -Recipes have a lot of exciting ideas and variations, use that to ‘spice up’ your mealtimes!


Another reason people don’t stick to diet plans is that they don’t simply have the time to prepare the meals they have planned. It’s much easier to grab a pizza than cook a healthy dinner when you just came back from work and you haven’t eaten since lunch.

The solution to this is to prepare your food in bulk on the weekend when you do have time. By cleaning and chopping up your vegetables, slicing up meat (in your allowances), pre-cooking staple ingredients (e.g. chicken breast or beef strips) or even preparing completed meals that need to be heated up – you’ll be much more likely to eat healthy the next time you’re hungry and need to choose between fast food and your diet.


The good news is that if you’re overweight or currently eating a diet rich in processed foods, you don’t need to become an expert in nutrition to eat drastically healthier. It’s easy to make simple changes that will have tremendous effect in the long run. TLC gives you all the guidelines… cut out processed foods and replace them with natural vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and nuts. It is very simple.


The most successful weight loss programs in the world, like TLC, work because they implement the principles above. All the rules, restrictions and guidelines are there for a reason and based on sound medical and nutritional principles. Follow the TLC-Program and you will not go wrong!