Do you feel tired, drained and overworked? Feel like there is too much to do and not enough time or energy? Emotionally depleted? Now is the time for self-care! Self-care often goes on the back-burner in times when we need it the most!

Many think that practicing self-care is inconvenient or even selfish. But, what’s selfish about wanting to be the best version of you? And remember, you are worth that love and care you so often give others! Giving yourself the “me time” you deserve allows you to get in touch with your mind and your body and be the best you that you can be.

You may think there is no time… but in reality, even a few hours of self care can recharge you for a WHOLE WEEK.

So how exactly do you practise self-care? Select at least 10 from the list below (incl. Nr 49!) to practise self-care this weekend!

  1. Listen To Relaxing Music Or Soothing Nature Sounds.
  2. Enjoy A Hot Bath, Shower, Or Simply A Foot Bath.
  3. Have At Home Or At A Salon Pampering Session.
  4. Plan Your Self Care Routines – And Stick To Them.
  5. Take A Nice Nap (As Long As You Want!)
  6. Read A Positive, Easy To Read Or Inspiring Book.
  7. Spend Some Time With Your Pet Or Visit A Local Zoo.
  8. Go To The Park Or Any Place Where You Can Be Surrounded By Nature. Sit There For A While.
  9. Meditate
  10. Do Some Yoga.
  11. Remember Who You Are With A Self Discovery Journal.
  12. Cook A Healthy, Nutritious And Delicious Meal From the TLC Recipe Book For Yourself.
  13. Buy Yourself Pretty Flowers And Decorate Your Room.
  14. Put On A Face Mask And Relax In A Comfortable Position.
  15. Go For A Walk Or Hike.
  16. Buy New Perfume.
  17. Set some Future Goals, Bucket Lists, Travel Plans… List Whatever you Aspire To.
  18. Watch Videos On Youtube or TikTok
  19. Do Something Creative To Express Yourself.
  20. List All The Things You Are Grateful For.
  21. Spend A Few Hours (Or Even A Whole Day) Technology-Free.
  22. Look At The Stars At Night…
  23. Or Wake Up Early & Watch The Sunrise.
  24. Exfoliate & Moisturize Your Body.
  25. Go For A Professional Dental Cleaning.
  26. Write Compliments About Yourself.
  27. Snuggle In Some Soft, Comfy, Warm Clothes.
  28. Look At Pretty Pictures Online Or At Your Local Art Gallery.
  29. Have A Make-Up Session.
  30. Go Swimming.
  31. De-stress With An Anti-Anxiety Journal.
  32. Shop For Detoxifying Bath Salts, Oils, And Bubbles.
  33. Allow Yourself To Do Absolutely Nothing.
  34. Have A Guilty Pleasure.
  35. Binge-Watch Your Favorite TV Show.
  36. Paint
  37. Dance – How You Want And As Much As You Want.
  38. “Visit” Other Countries On Google Maps.
  39. Go For A Drive.
  40. Do A Mindfulness Exercise
  41. Play Video Games.
  42. Forgive Yourself.
  43. Have A Mani & Pedi.
  44. Go To Church, or a place that has spiritual meaning to you
  45. Get A Massage.
  46. Let Go Of The Past.
  47. Buy A New Decor Item For Your Home.
  48. Plan Your Week
  49. Plan to Start and Succeed On your TLC-Program
  50. Take A Deep Breath. Two. Three….