I have tried many eating programmes and they all work if you work with them, but I never was able to get to the weight I really wanted to be.  I always accepted this and just thought “Oh well, I am not meant to be that weight as I’m a big boned girl”. We all know how we have these conversations with ourselves to convince ourselves that it is ok.

Before I started TLC on the 13 March 2018, I was looking for an answer.  I was about to turn 50 and I had a goal I wanted to reach.   A friend of mine told me about TLC and I made my appointment to see my coach Jenny at TLC in Pinelands.  I liked the philosophy that TLC prescribed to and I decided to start the program.  I was weighing in at 96.8 kg.  The heaviest I had been for a long time.  I love the structure the program gives to you and most of all the results are phenominal.  I reached my goal weight after 26 weeks of being on the program.  In total I have lost 32kg and 85cm.  An average of 1.2kg per week.  I am feeling absolutely fantastic and have so much energy.  I felt the difference in the first week of the program.

Due to my results and transformation I have inspired many of my family members, friends and work colleagues.  Most of them have also decided to now do the TLC-Program and are getting amazing results.

I also have an amazing coach who has been with me every step of the way and I will be forever thankful for her assistance and guidance throughout the program. Thank you Jenny.