In 53 days it is Christmas!!

Imagine the amazing family gatherings, seeing friends you have not seen all year, having fabulous beach days and braais, joining in Christmas and New Year celebrations… All with the necessary Covid precautions of course! What could spoil this perfect image for you?

Not fitting in that perfect outfit, stressing about having to wear ‘fat-roll’ cover-ups in perfect summer weather, or ducking and diving when it comes to family picture time?!!

So make the time you have left before the festive season count!

Start today….
1. Do your TLC Program… You can lose up to 20kg by then! That is several dress sizes! But imagine even losing just 7 to 14kg and the huge difference that will make in your comfort levels!
2.Start drinking at least 2.5 liters of water a day. The pay-off will be not only faster Weightloss, but also clearer skin and more energy!
3.Start walking at least 10 000 steps a day. It will aid your Weightloss, lead to more energy and toned legs, and help you dance the night away without losing your breath on New Years’ eve!

Several blogs have addressed what to do leading up to the festive season, but these 3 things are not negotiable! So start today!