Good nutrition does not end with simply making the “right” food choices. The way you prepare and cook your food can either help or hinder your attempts to lose weight.

Healthy cooking is easy, and it doesn’t mean giving up your favourite foods. In many cases, your favourite recipes can be modified so they offer a healthier alternative.

Here are our top 10 healthy cooking tips that you can easily apply to your daily cooking routine.

  • Keep fats to a minimum by choosing lean cuts of meat, skinless chicken breasts and low fat dairy products.
  • Use a non-stick pan with a cooking spray instead of frying food in fat or oil, and never deep-fry food.
  • Better still, sauté food in liquids (such as stock, wine, lemon juice, fruit juice, vinegar or water) instead of oil or butter.
  • Roast or grill meat on a rack so that any excess fat can drip off the meat.
  • Trim all visible fat and skin from red meat and chicken when preparing.
  • Microwave or steam vegetables instead of boiling them to retain more of their nutrients.
  • Be careful not to overcook vegetables, as this leaches valuable nutrients from them. Cook vegetables quickly, such as in stir-fry recipes, so they retain their nutrients.
  • Use fresh herbs and spices to flavour foods instead of sauces and dressings.
  • Always try to use a variety of vegetables and proteins to your meals so that your body gets a range of vital nutrients.
  • Read the nutrition labels on the food packaging, and be aware of the ingredients and additives that are included.

So there you have it. Our top 10 healthy cooking tips, which will help to improve your healthy eating. Now it’s up to you to use this new knowledge.

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