TLC-Online Program International


When you purchase a TLC-Online Program you will receive the following (in a folder in your account):

  • An instruction document explaining the requirements and process.
  • An application form to fill in, sign, scan and return to your TLC-Coach.
  • A Blood Test Pathology requirement form to take to your nearest Blood Test Laboratory.
    Please fast for 8 hours before the test (water only) – it is best to go first thing in the morning.
  • Some profiles do not require Blood Tests – Please check with your TLC-Coach to confirm.
  • TLC-Phase 1 Quick Guide
  • TLC-Phase 2 Quick Guide
  • TLC-Phase 2 Food Lists (to be used on Phase 1 and 2)
  • TLC-7 Day Meal Plan
  • TLC-Recipe Ideas
  • TLC-Phase 3 Quick Guide
  • TLC-Phase 4 Quick Guide
  • Food Diary (your TLC-Coach will ask you to fill this in every week)
  • A Weight and Centimetre Monitoring Chart to track your progress with your TLC-Coach

Please note that your personalised and unique TLC-Program (Phase2) will be formulated based on your profile and blood test pathology.  Note this will take 3 to 5 working days from receipt of all documents and blood test results.

You will be supported and guided online by your own personal TLC-Coach for the duration of your TLC-Program.

IMPORTANT:  The TLC-Program is a healthy safe rapid fatloss Program suited to most profiles. However, if you do have a serious medical condition ie heart disease, kidney disease or Type 1 Diabetes, requiring medical supervision or restricted or specific nutritional requirements, please enquire with us first re suitability. E-mail: with your name, sex, age and medical details.

NB:   Your purchase is subject to the TLC-Program Terms and Conditions which are available to view on this website.


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Not near a TLC-Centre?  Now you can do your TLC-Program Online!

TLC-Program Terms and Conditions


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