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            I was always overweight by 6 to 8kg. 

            When I went to std 8 I started gym and watching what I ate. I lost a few kg but could never get to my goal weight. I use to go to the gym once a year for 1 or 2 months just trying to lose the extra fat. 

            7 years ago before I got married I cut down on my food and did a lot of cardiovasculor excersise, so that I could fit in my wedding suit. I still was 5 to 6 kg over weight. 2 years into marriage I just started picking up weight, I eventually picked up 17 to 18kg without even knowing it. My wedding suit did not even go up my thighs. Lol

            I tried a diet that requires you to drink shakes 2 times a day. I lost a few kg quickly but it was very difficult to sustain. I tried pills and teas. Nothing seemed to help me.

            Eventually a friend told me about TLC. I gave it a shot, in the first month I lost 10 kg. 
            After 3 months I was 22 kg down and I am maintaining it. 

            My life has definitely changed. 
            I am not tired and lazy anymore. 
            I started playing football again. 
            I work out 3 times a week and feel fit and healthy.

             Thank you Amanda for the help and support"

            Mohammed (March 2014)

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