‘I would like to say thank you very much to TLC for the diet (program) that WORKED for me!!!

In the beginning I thought oh it will just be just 2 weeks then nothing will happen, but to my surprise my coach Jeanette Keyter told me that if I follow the programme 100% I WILL lose weight, And I HAVE, not only grams but kilo’s per week, the best of it all is its not a starvation diet, and I didn’t feel moody or deprived of anything, I also had no cravings and with no outrageous exercise it was surely working for me.

Everyone that knows me said I was melting away week by week, some of my friends also joined TLC with the same results. Friends that have not seen me in a while did not recognise me, and couldn’t believe when I greeted them and said “Yes it’s really me”

I will forever be grateful for getting to know TLC and having a great supported in Jeanette (TLC-Ambassador Polokwane).”


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