Congratulations to Mandie Bath
inner of the 2019 TLC-Winter Slim Down Challenge!


Well done Mandie, we know your story below will inspire many other TLC-Clients:

“Thank you for allowing me to be part of this challenge. I have been through some challenges before and am so glad to be where I am again. I did TLC before in 2016 and lost all my weight but started piling on again from 2017 as I am not allowed to exercise. Below I am sharing my story as to what happened and what my body went through due to a doctor’s negligence. This time I am also worked on my head so I don’t put myself through this again.

I hoped to win this prize to spoil myself for our cruise in December. This will also be my husband and I’s 1st holiday in 8 years and I am SO going to enjoy not being fat and uncomfortable.

Let me tell you what happened with my operation.

I went in for an Endometrial Ablation, tying my tubes and burning the uteris wall to ensure you can’t get pregnant. The procedure is done, in a few hours you go home, have a little discomfort for a day or two and that’s it, but…

The doctor burned my uteris, this leaves the possibility of my small intestine also being burned (found out later that he knew this happened), closed me up and sent me home. The next day I started getting incredible pain in my stomach. My husband called him 3 times and every time he said it is gas from the procedure but the 3rd time he said if we have to I can go to emergency at the hospital.  Did that, was readmitted and they did all sorts of tests and x-rays over the next 4 days. I can’t remember any of this.

On the evening of the 4th day a surgeon rushed me to theatre where he found that he burned 3 holes in my small intestine and I had septicemia and was in septic shock. My kidneys shut down completely so I was put on dialysis. They cleaned my insides but had to leave my stomach open to get in again to clean.

2 days later they had to do a subtotal hysterectomy as the damage was too much.  2 days later cleaned all out again.  They believed that I was going to die, even the doctors. There was A LOT of people praying and I improved and ended up being in ICU for 3 weeks and 2 days.  Was moved to a general ward on high care. Took a few days to be aware of my surroundings and the I realised that nothing worked.

I could not move, swallow, speak, nothing. So I had to learn to walk again, swallow properly, an occupational therapist worked with me every day and eventually I could get my hand as high as my mouth.  They made me splints for my hands as they pulled in on themselves and I could not move my fingers apart. For the entire 2 months in hospital I could not even hold as much as a magazine as it was to heavy for me. I got dropped foot and had to get moon boots to help my ankles to slowly bend back in the right direction. A physiotherapist worked with me twice a day on getting my muscles stronger and my lungs. Still on dialysis every other day. This was also prayed into 100% recovery. I was bathed in bed for the entire 2 months I spent in hospital.

1 Week before I was discharged they had to do a skin transplant, taking skin from my leg to put over the hole in my stomach. That wound on my leg took 5 months to heal. Then I had to walk with this skin on my stomach lying directly on my colon for a year. Had to wear a hernia belt.

A year later I had to go in again, they cut away the skin which they transplanted on my stomach, lost my navel and then they pulled the stomach together from the very inside with mesh etc.4 Months after the ‘little’ op I went back to work. Due to this I am never again allowed to do any exercise that uses my stomach muscles as I stand the chance of developing hernias inside my stomach for the rest of my life. I have muscle and nerve damage, worse in my legs and right arm.  This happened 5 years ago now and I am mostly ok”

Thank you Mandie for bravely sharing your story with all of us.  We are so happy you have achieved your goals and wish you all the best for the future.  Enjoy your prize (double your money back!).